Preparing For Showings While Your Home is For Sale

Now that your home is on the market, you’ll want to make sure its always ready for showings.  Even though most Realtors are professional enough to call a day ahead to schedule showings, their buyers often want to see homes at the last minute.  Many buyers persistently push their buyer’s agent to drop everything and show them homes immediately.  Plus, there are disorganized or pushy real estate agents, as well, who see no problem with calling you at the last minute to show your home.

Be ready for this impatient group of buyers and their agents.  Impulsive shoppers buy more quickly and pay more than planners.  You’ll want your home to be ready to wow them on a moment’s notice.  I have seen more homes sell to buyers who boldly walked up to a house for sale without notice than I have to buyers who scheduled ahead of time.  It could be that the most annoying buyer is the one who will ultimately buy your home.

At all time, BE READY:

1.  During the day, keep all blinds & draperies open – this is not a time to save on electricity!
2.  Turn on all lights (day & night) to keep the home bright & inviting.
3.  Keep personal items & clutter stored away.
4.  Keep your home dusted & vacuumed regularly.
5.  Don’t leave dishes sitting or counters dirty.  Clean up after every meal immediately.
6.  Likewise, keep toilettries & personal items stowed away after bathroom use.
7.  Have a family “game plan” to get the home in order quickly if needed.
8.  Air out your home 30 minutes before showings if possible.
9.  Replace all burned out light bulbs immediately.
10. Keep windows & doors clean.
11.  Keep pet items put away immediately after use.
12. Open all the interior doors in your home before showings, including pantry & closet doors.
13. Put away coffee makers & small appliances after use.
14. Microwave a small dish of vanilla before showings if possible.
15. Make sure beds are made as soon as you get up.
16. Keep bathroom towels neat & fresh.  Stow away bath mats.
17. Vacuum up dirt from entry & doorway rugs.
18. Open shower curtains & make sure shower doors are freshly wiped down.
19. Keep the yard mowed & gardens weeded regularly.
20. Make sure all yard tools, toys & pet items are put away.