Thinking of Buying? You Deserve the Truth!

The Truth about Today’s Market in Austin Texas

The truth is, Austin Texas did not experience the housing “bubble” that may have affected the rest of the country.  Instead, Austin has enjoyed a relatively steadily increasing market for many years, and that has provided home owners a good return on their investment as long as they held their homes for at least a few years.  For example, you could buy a home today for $100,000, enjoy living in the home for 3 – 5 years and then sell it for at least $116,000 – $127,000.  That is almost the equivalent of living in the home for FREE!  What if you held the home longer or the market improved?  Your equity would increase even more.

Message to First Time Home Buyers:

It’s never been a better time to get into home ownership. Interest rates are at historic lows, and this means your monthly payment will be at rock bottom. You may also qualify to write off your mortgage interest & other home ownership costs on your income taxes. There are plenty of good homes to choose from. Don’t wait until everyone is buying, or you won’t get a maximum choice of homes. It’s a fact that the Austin Round Rock metro area has experienced an average increase of over 5% per year in home values since the numbers have been tracked in the 1970’s. A home purchase has been a proven positive investment of your money for the last 40 years – even during tough times. 

Message to Move-Up Buyers (Need to sell a home first):

You may be thinking that now is not a good time to sell your home and purchase another one. Perhaps you fear that you will lose money on the sale of your home due to the current market. Well, you may be right. What?? Did I just say you may be right? Yes, although you may lose money on the sale of your home, think how much money you will save on your home purchase! In today’s market, now is the best time to move up. Your buying power will far outweigh any loss you may experience on your current home sale. Plus, a slower market means other sellers are willing to wait for you to sell your home while you have theirs under contract. And, with interest rates at historic lows, your buying power increases exponentially. With so many homes to choose from, why not find your dream home today?

The Easiest Way to Buy a Home:  

The easiest way to buy a home is to work with a good real estate agent.  I know, I know.  You would rather just drive around by yourself and call off signs, and you’d like to search the internet yourself and not be bothered by an agent.  You may even be thinking you could save some money if you didn’t use a real estate agent to represent your best interests.

 Here’s a reality check!  A “Do-It-Yourself” strategy doesn’t always save you time or money.  For high stakes projects, it’s often better to hire a professional.  I would consider a 6 or 7 figure purchase decision pretty high stakes, wouldn’t you?  Plus, have you ever heard the saying about the lawyer who represented himself and had a fool for a client?  It’s a good one to remember for real estate because a home purchase involves a lot of negotiation in every step of the process.  You’ll want a trained negotiator to speak on your behalf and save you the most money.  I have a track record of helping my buyers buy homes for under market value.  Best of all, there is no cost to you.  My fee is paid by the listing agent only after you have bought your home.

Even if you are just beginning your search for a new home, I can help you with no obligation.  Give my services a try for free.  You’ll get:

  • A personalized web site allowing you direct internet access to all homes for sale
  • Automated email notifications when new listings come on the market
  • Expert help and advice from a long-time Austin resident and real estate investor
  • Information on ALL homes for sale, including builder homes & FSBO’s
  • An agent dedicated & available to help you with all aspects of your purchase

Please contact me today or call 512-266-2606.  I’m ready to be your go-to-gal when you need answers and access to homes for sale.