Determine Your Wants & Needs

Divide a sheet of paper into two columns.  One column is labeled, “wants” and the other is labeled “needs.”  List the desired qualities of your future home in the “wants” column.  List the absolute must haves in the “needs” column.  See example below.  This exercise will really help you narrow down your search for homes and will limit the frustration of looking at homes that do not meet your true criteria.


                          Wants                                                       Needs

           3-car garage                                              at least 2-car garage

           4 bedrooms plus an office                        at least 3 bedrooms & space for a desk somewhere

           3 baths or 2.5 baths                                 2 baths

           Texas stone exterior                               not wood siding

          One story house                                        Master downstairs

          Round Rock schools                                  elementary school with good ratings

          Large back yard                                        enough room for a small garden

          Formal dining room                                  enough space for a 6-foot table

          Golf course community                            ——-

         Close to Parmer & Hwy. 620                   no more than 20 miles from work

         View or greenbelt                                      ——-

        Wood floors                                                 ——–

        Bay windows                                               ——–

        Home built yr 2000+                                 Up-to-date home for ease of cleaning/maintaining

       Sales price less than $200K                       no more than $250K for right house

Make a Shopping List:

Using your Needs List and the list of houses on the market that I give you and the ones that you find yourself (driving around, on the internet, etc.), make a list of all the potential homes that interest you.  Drive by the homes and make sure you like the surroundings.  Examine all the data on the MLS to help eliminate houses that won’t meet your minimum needs.  For example, there is no point looking at a house that is too small or doesn’t fit your price range.  View any available virtual tours to help narrow your list.  Pick out the top 5 to 10 houses on your list, and give me the ML numbers or addresses.  I will make appointments for you to see inside these homes.

Have you picked your homes?  Contact me or call 512-266-2606, and I’ll be happy to show them to you.