Lake Travis Waterfront and Water Levels


Because of the ongoing drought, LCRA will not release water from Lake Travis to downstream farmers this year. This is the second consecutive year that most of the lower Colorado River basin’s rice farmers will go without Highland Lakes water to irrigate their crops. That decision became official because the combined storage of lakes Travis and Buchanan was less than the trigger level of 850,000 acre-feet as of March 1st.

IMG_0822How full are the lakes?  The lakes are at 41% of capacity.  Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan combined currently hold about 817,341 acre-feet of water.  Lake Travis water levels are currently at 630’ elevation, whereas 681’ is considered full.  Lake Travis is over 50 feet lower than its full capacity!

Lake Travis waterfront owners continue to struggle with dry coves and moving their docks out far enough to still float.  Even though it may not be the best time to sell, some waterfront owners are ready to give up the struggle of maintaining a waterfront property.

This is good news for Lake Travis waterfront home buyers!  Low lake levels bring lower prices and bargains!

And, there is more good news.  To solve future water level problems, LCRA is moving quickly ahead toward building a new downstream reservoir that will add 100,000 acre-feet to the region’s water supply by 2017.

So, even if you don’t believe it will ever rain again in the Texas Hill Country above Lake Travis, there will be future relief on the water demands from the lake.

lake travis viewsThe reality is that Central Texas is an area of historical droughts and floods that have rotated cyclically over the decades. This is not the first time the lake levels have been so low.  I’ve seen lower low water levels as well as several floods where the water levels rose well over the 700’ elevation.

Having lived on Lake Travis for over 25 years, I can tell you that any hassle or worry over lake levels is miniscule compared to the beauty and pleasure of living on the lake.  Even at low levels, we still go boating year round on Lake Travis, and there is plenty of water right now for enjoyable lake activities.  When the lake floods, we move our outdoor furniture to higher ground and wait for the waters to recede.  Ask anyone who lives on Lake Travis, and they will happily tell you how much they love it!

That goes for waterfront sellers, too.  I haven’t met anyone who isn’t a bit reluctant to give up Lake Travis living.  But, people’s lives change, and even though there is never a huge selection of properties, there is always an opportunity to take over the dream.

Especially right now!  I haven’t seen waterfront home prices this low in over thirteen years.  The time to buy Lake Travis waterfront is now.  Contact me or call 512-266-2606.

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